About Us

Dragoman Akademi is a boutique communication training company specializing in customized, skills-based, results-oriented learning.

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Our Story

Dragoman Akademi was founded by two Turkish professionals, Çağatay Dönmez and Ümit Özaydın. Having attended Bosphorus University and On Dokuz Mayis University respectively, they started their careers in the tourism sector and later met in a training and consulting firm. Proficient in the English language, they also shared a passion and curiosity for other foreign languages and cultures – in particular, Japanese for Çağatay and Mandarin for Ümit. Later, after having worked for multinational firms, their paths crossed again and they decided to found Dragoman Akademi in 2008 to help Turkish professionals with their language and communication needs. Dragoman Akademi continues to be one of the leading boutique firms specializing in English business communication skills and its clientele continues to grow year by year.

Masoud Yadi, Academic Director

Our Team

Because our clients don’t need typical grammar and vocabulary lessons, we don’t have typical ESL teachers.  Our teachers are professionals, consultants, and trainers.  They are a lot like you, actually.  All of our teachers have a background in business as well as ESL teaching qualifications and experience.  When matching clients with a trainer, our academic team considers three factors:

Student’s job sector/Trainer’s professional experience

Student’s personality/Trainer’s personality

Student’s learning style/Trainer’s teaching style

Our goal is to create the best match possible in order to ensure a happy and effective learning experience.  

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Our Clients

Our clients represent their company locally and internationally; they are the decision-makers; they are the key communicators.  For our clients, grammar and vocabulary are only the beginning:  elevated communication skills for the global marketplace is the main goal.  We specialize in helping our clients integrate learning English into their busy lives in three ways:

We meet you at a convenient place.

We meet you at a convenient day and time.

We plan relevant lesson content and homework:  We know you don't need to learn the English names of birds or all the different nationalities in the world.  We know how valuable your time is. That's why we use current and innovative teaching methodologies to make sure your lessons content is practical and relevant to your daily life and work needs. 

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